Set Different Overtime Compensation Values Based on Working hours

Suppose you are implementing an overtime compensation according to work hours.  In this case, Carbonate lets you set different compensation and reflect the company overtime policy appropriately.

For example, if working hours are beyond 8 hours then OT compensation will be 1.5x per hour salary. If working hours are beyond 13 hours then OT compensation will be 2x per hour salary. So, if an employee worked for 15 hours in total, he will get OT compensation of 1.5x for 5 hrs and 2x for 2 hrs.

Before setting the overtime compensation, kindly make the necessary updates on the OT settings on Carbonate. Refer to the respective user guides.

  1. Enable the monitoring of overtime for employees.

                Set monitoring employee overtime preferences

Only Admin and Managers with Attendance Privilege may perform this. Kindly login to Carbonate with your Admin or Manager credentials.

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Settings section.

Click on the Attendance tab.

Step 2

Scroll down until the Overtime Policy.

Tick the Yes button on “Do you want to monitor overtime for employees?”

On the question “How do you set the rate across the company”, select the “Rates based on working hours” on the dropdown menu.


Step 3

On the “Do you set different rates for different day types?”, tick the Yes button to customise the compensation rate for different day types such as Public Holiday, Off Day, Work Day, and Rest Days.

If you choose No,  the OT compensation will be the RATE multiplied with per hour salary.

Then, click +add new rate.

Step 4

Fill in the boxes beside “If working hours between”. 

Then, fill in the box with special rates for the different day types. 

Scroll down, and click Save.

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