How to set monitoring employee overtime preferences

Sometimes and most of the time you are not able to control and monitor the overtime of your employees.  All the calculations related to hours, working shifts, calculation of compensations and salaries.

Well on Carbonate, you could just simply follow these below steps:

Kindly login to Carbonate with your credentials.


Step 2

Enable the Overtime policy.

Step 3.

If you wish to limit maximum overtime for a month you can set it from overtime policy settings for the employees.

Step 4

If you wish to set the maximum overtime weekly hours, you can set it from the overtime policy settings.




Step 5

We can also specify the time to generate the compensation in Carbonate.

Step 6

 Add the required details. if you wish to monitor the overtime of your employees.

Once the over time compensation generated it will be reflected in payroll accordingly.

OT Policy

You can watch the video here:

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