How to Auto Approve Overtime Salary Compensations in Carbonate

If you want to auto-approve all of the overtime salary compensations. Kindly follow these steps.

Step 1

Please login to with your credentials. Then click on settings from the left side of the menu.

Step 2

Select the Attendance Tab above.

Step 3

Enable the auto approval of compensation by selecting as “Yes”.

Step 4

Click on the Save button after making a change in the settings.

Step 5

Go to the attendance module on  the left side menu.

Step 6

Select on the Compensations Tab and click on the blue word indicating the Team Compensations.

Step 7

Now, the staff’s salary compensation will be automatically approved by the system. (See the attachment)


Once the compensation is approved, it will be automatically reflected in payroll while generating the payslip for the user.

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