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Carbonate helps you keep track of attendance and leaves in your company, and keeps you connected to your staff with its built-in broadcasting and promotion messaging tool. Its employee profiles and leave management system meet MOM 2016 Employment Act Amendment requirements.

Why Carbonate?
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Carbonate makes your life easier

Attendance tracking

Easy rostering and attendance tracking

Schedule your workforce efficiently and forget about asking your staff to carry around punch cards to clock in and out. The online attendance tracking system we have built does this with their mobile devices.

No maintenane or installation

No maintenance or installation

Most of the existing solution providers would charge you for installing and maintaining their software. With Carbonate, you will only pay for actually using the system and all updates come free for life.


Connecting you with the team

Had you ever tried it, you may know how ridiculously difficult it is to bring everyone together on a chat group or mailing list. With Carbonate, all your staff is already on the same platform—you just have to reach out.


Corporate benefits on demand

Employee benefits are time consuming to research and not so easy to broker. Come on board Carbonate and we will do the brokering and researching for you. All you need to do is to pick the employee benefits and corporate discounts you want for your staff.

Our (happy) clients

Say goodbye to punch cards

With Carbonate, you can finally ditch the obsolete equipment like punch card machines. Everyone uses smartphones, so why not start using them for your company needs?

As easy as clicking a button

With our app you can check in or check out when you are located nearby your office. Manager can respond on your application directly from the app whenever it is convenient for them.

Carbonate Android attendance screenshot


Carbonate iOS attendance screenshot


No smartphone? No problem!

We have a backup plan where the staff can use NFC cards to check in or out. Using the app is still better, though.

Make your employees happier

Becoming a member of Carbonate users community will open to you many promotions and offers from our partners. You can, of course, advertise the promotions of your own, or from a third party.

Your essential HR toolbox. Accessible at any time.

Simple but comprehensive, Carbonate covers pretty much every HR need of a small business. We have put a lot of effort to make working with it easy and straightforward, on any device.

All types of businesses are welcome

While initially targeted at restaurant and hospitality chains, Carbonate can adapt to work for any kind of business since all the elements can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Restaurants and cafes
Small retail chains
Cleaning companies
Event companies
Security companies
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