Create Offline Meeting Rooms From the Mobile App

You can now set up an offline meeting room in the Workspace from the mobile app.

An offline meeting room helps you organize the regular meetings and seamlessly facilitate and reserve the availability of the room or venue.  

Before setting it up, make sure that you have downloaded the Carbonate HR from Google Play or App Store. 

Anyone may be entitled to create the meeting rooms on the mobile app provided that he/she is allowed.

Step 1

Open the Carbonate HR from the mobile app.  

Login to your account.  

Should you forgot the password, kindly click the Forgot your Password to reset it.  Or, you may contact the Admin.

Step 2

Go to the dashboard and click on the Meeting.

Step 3

Go to the Offline tab.

Here, you can view rooms booked on a certain time slot or schedule.  

Click the + sign located at the lower portion of the page.

Step 4

Fill out all the fields. 

A. Image

Choose a meeting room image by taking a photo or choose from your library/gallery.

B. Title

Input a unique title for the meeting room.  This is a required field.

C. Outlet

Tap to select the outlet. If the outlet does not show up, you may create the outlet in Carbonate.

D. Set Availability

Tick the boxes on the days you will regularly use or book the meeting rooms.

E. Time

Define the time slot to book that schedule.

Then, click Create Room.

The offline room is now booked!


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