Publish a Poll

Getting the opinion of employees is an essential step in decision-making and helps you connect with your employees' roles, work, and performance to business goals.  In Carbonate HR, we have featured the Polls in our communication module to help you facilitate the important HR surveys.  

Before publishing a poll, you must create a new poll.



Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Communication section.

Go to the Polls tab.

Step 2

Go to the Polls history.  Unpublished polls have no checkmark under the Published column. 

Notice the 2 Polls (A & B). When the Poll period shown on A is current or future, you can still publish it.

When the Poll period as shown on B is past due, you can not publish it anymore.

Select the new poll with the poll period as current or future date, click on the three dots.

Step 3

Click Publish Poll.

“The Poll published successfully.” prompt will appear.

Step 4

Now, you can see the data available in Ongoing polls.

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