Outlet Accessibility Preferences

Carbonate lets you set the accessibility preference of the Outlet for all employees or for only selected employees.  Once they are part of the Outlet, they will be able to perform attendance in the Outlet as well as receive announcements for the employees with access to the Outlet.

Before doing so, an Outlet must be entered into the Carbonate system.  Refer to the user guide below for the procedures:

Once the user has the access to the outlets, they can perform the attendance with the accessible outlets.

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Outlet section.

Step 2

Click +Add outlet at the right corner.

If there is an existing outlet, you may select the Outlet by clicking on its profile.

Step 3

In Edit outlet or Create outlet page, scroll down until you come across with accessibility options.

Outlet Accessibility

A. Accessible to few selected employees

When you enable this feature, the outlet will be accessible to only selected employees.

B. Accessible to all employees in organization

Checking the box beside this will automatically uncheck the box for Accessible to few selected employees

C. Enable wifi attendance

When you activate this feature, you will need to configure the system so that the employees in this outlet can perform attendance.


Step 4

Click Save.

Outlet visibility

You can watch a video here:

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