Outlet Location Visibility Preferences

In Carbonate, employees enrolled in specific or multiple outlets may view the outlet location.  Location visibility can be either by outlet radius or distance.

To set the preferences, the Outlet must be created in Carbonate.


Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Outlet section.

Step 2

Click +Add outlet at the right corner.

If there is an existing outlet, you may select the Outlet by clicking on its profile.

Step 3

In Edit outlet or Create outlet page, scroll down until you come across with Choose employees location visibility.

A. Outlet Radius

Once the radius of the outlet is set, the Staff can perform the attendance once he/she is within the radius of the outlet.

We suggest keeping the radius to a minimum of 75m range. 

B. Distance from Outlet

The distance will be based on the Outlet code so the Staff can check in/out from the centre of the outlet.


Step 4

Click Save

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