Export the Attendance Report with Work Hours Calculated Based on Last Out – First In

Carbonate can export the attendance report that shows the Work Hours(Work HRS) are calculated based on the “Last Out - First In”. It helps the management get a better understanding of the number of hours the Staff worked.

For example, the Last out is recorded at 21:51 and First In is at 19:13.  Hence, the logged Work HRS in the attendance report is 2.38.

Before an attendance report can be exported, there must be an attendance performed by the employees.  There are different ways to perform attendance in Carbonate:

Only the Admin and Managers with Attendance privileges can export the attendance report. Kindly make sure that you are logged in using an Admin or Managers with Attendance privileges account.

Step 1.

On the dashboard, go to the Attendance Section. 

In the Select Export Option, click the drop-down arrow.  Select the Export Attendance Data.

Step 2.

Fill out the Export Data field (Date Range, Outlets, Department, Ranks, and Employees).

Enable the “Club attendances for the same date in one row” by ticking the box. In the “Attendance hour based on”, select the First In- Last Out.

Then, click Download.

Step 3.

A spreadsheet file named “Attendance Report.xlsx” will be downloaded.  In a windows default setting, you can find the file in the Downloads folder. Double click the file to open it.

Here is a sample of the attendance report with work hours based on First In and Last Out.

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