Navigate the Attendance Section for Managers

This feature can only be performed by the Admin or a Manager (with Admin privileges).

Carbonate’s attendance management provides you with an easy and secure automated system to keep track of productive hours. The working hours are automatically recorded and stored in cloud-based technology. Attendance gathered is highly accurate and made super easy and accessible across various platforms and devices.

You will need to allow the browser to track the location, so you must ensure that the outlet has been created. 

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Step 1:

Login to Carbonate HR  with Admin or Manager rights.

Should you have trouble logging in or you forgot the password, click here to reset your password.

On the dashboard,  go to the Attendance section.


Step 2:

To take action on the team’s recent request for attendance approval:

  • Click on the Check sign if the check-in time is correct and the staff is supposed to work
  • If not, click on the Cross sign to reject the attendance approval request.


Step 3 a:

In case someone forgot to check out from work, you will see a notification of Missed checkouts.  Admins are allowed to force check out the Staff.

To take action on the team’s missed check-outs:

Click on the Missed checkouts button. 

It will open up a list. 

Step 3 b.

Go to a particular Staff and select the time and date.

Then, click on the Check out button for each respective Staff.

Step 4:

To correct or amend the Staff’s attendance:

Click on the button Next to the approved attendance in the attendance history section of the attendance page.


Step 5:

To Edit Attendance:

Update the record by putting the desired Check-in Date and Time, and Check-out Date and Time.

You can add notes, comment, or any details on the Add comment box.

Now, click Save.


Step 6:

If you want to delete the particular attendance record, click on the Delete button.

Step 7:

To set preferences for Attendance Management:

Go to the Settings, click on Attendance Tab.

For Auto approved attendance:

By enabling this, all the Check-ins & Check-outs of the Staff will automatically be approved.

For Allow attendance from browser:

By enabling this, Staff can perform attendance in a web browser dashboard. 

For Attendance timings roundup:

By enabling this, attendance will be rounded up in your chosen nearest multiple, e.g. 5 mins above check-in.  You can also choose certain ranks to round up attendance, e.g. Developer, Tester, etc.

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For Attendance bubble:

By enabling this, attendance bubbles will be created and customised.

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Step 8:

For Force checkout on shift end:

By enabling this, you can check out the Staff when their scheduled shift ends.

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For Attendance with Photo and remarks:

By enabling this, photos and remarks will be gathered and added to the attendance.

Explore this feature here: Adding photos and remarks on the check-in and check out

For Face Scan:

By enabling this, the image will be gathered by a Face Scan using a Facial Recognition System and added to the attendance.

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For Attendance with Thermal Scan:

By enabling this, Staff can check in and check out using a thermal scan device that Carbonate provides.

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Attendance Management on Carbonate HR App

Watch this video for a more detailed step by step procedure.

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