Export the Attendance Record of Resigned Employees

According to the Ministry of Manpower, all employers must maintain detailed employment records of employees covered by the Employment Act effective from 1 April 2016.  The company must keep the employee and salary records from within the last two years for the resigned employees.  Then, it is to be kept for one year after the employee leaves employment.

For support and assistance in complying with these requirements, you can tap on the MOM's assistance package for employers.

In Carbonate, you can easily comply with the government requirement by exporting data attendance of resigned employees. 

Before the data be exported, here are the essential details to be performed first and their respective user guide for your reference.

  1. The employee must be added to the Staff list.  

2. The employee must have performed the attendance in Carbonate. 

3. Employee status must be updated from active to resigned. 

When all these three steps are checked, the Admin or the Manager with Attendance privilege can export the attendance record — login to the Carbonate account using an Admin or Manager role.

Step 1.

On the dashboard, go to the Attendance section.

Click on the Select Export Option located at the top part of the screen, or as shown in 3.


Step 2.

Click the Export Attendance Data.

Step 3.

The Export Data box will appear.  Fill out all the fields from a date range, outlet, department, rank, and employee. 

If you would like to select all, just type in all. Otherwise, input the details one by one.

On the Status box, please select Resigned from the dropdown list. 

Step 4.

Choose the data based on either the date or employee. 

Click Download.

A spreadsheet file will be downloaded to your system.  Click on the file to open and view the attendance report.


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