Enable the Non-Standard Proration When the Probationary Staff Apply for Leave

When an employee on probation applies for a leave, the company may use the non-standard proration wherein the leave allocation is to be prorated based on months worked by the employee in a year.  When you enable this function, the Staff with probationary employment status may be granted a certain number of leave days. 

For example, the company granted 1 leave day for the first month and then added 1 more day for each succeeding month.  So, there will be 5 leave days for employees who reached their fifth month.  A who just completed his fifth month in the company may be able to apply for 5 leave days while B who celebrated his third month may be granted with 3 leave days.  

The non-standard proration automatically checks the leave balance of the Staff and assign the number of leave days accordingly. 

Before setting this, the leave type must be entered in the Carbonate HR.  Below are the user guides for your reference.

Only the Admin and Manager with Leave Privileges may set this up. 

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Settings section and click the Leave/Holiday tab.

Step 2

On the leave settings, go to the leave types. Select the respective leave allowed in the probation period (e.g. Annual leave).


Step 3

On the leave type details, make sure to input the leave days in the field box.


Step 4

Go to the leave reset section and make sure that the Calendar year is selected.

Step 5

On the “Leave allocation to be prorated based on months worked by the employee in a year?“, toggle the Yes button.

On Non-Standard proration, toggle the Yes button.

Now, you can set the condition by clicking on the +Add new increment condition.

Input the condition by filling in the field boxes.  Tick the box for “Only for first year”. Set the number of days and months following the company policy.

Step 6

Go to the Allowed in probation section and toggle the Yes button.

Then, input the number of days.

Step 7

Click Save.

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