Custom Template For Import of Payroll Fields

If you belong to some industries that compute a lot of different payroll policies at regular periods, then you can customise the template when you import the payroll.  Carbonate will help you calculate payroll and generate payslips in a different format.

You can upload the payslip manually or check that the payslip template is updated.  Refer to the following user guides:


Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Payroll section.

You will see the “Select Import Option” on the top right corner of the page. Click on its dropdown arrow and click Import Payslips.

Step 2

The Import Data window will appear.  Click Attach CSV to upload the modified file.

All payroll items will come from this file including the basic salary.

Step 3

All the details of the sample file are mentioned below.

  • Employee Email
  • Payroll Item: This will be the dropdown to decide where the item will be placed. Options:
    • Ordinary Wage = OW
    • Fixed Allowance = OW
    • Fixed Deduction = OW
    • Additional Allowance = AW
    • Additional Deduction = AW
    • Post-CPF Allowance = NW
    • Post-CPF Deduction = NW
  • Label: The label that will be displayed during bulk payroll and on the payslip. This will be manually entered by the client.
    • Scenario 1: For hourly-rated employees, their basic salary is made up of two parts; weekday and weekend.

For weekday, We will put the label as ‘Wages-Weekday(40H x $10)

For weekend, we will put the label as ‘Wages-Weekend(20H X $12)

When we import, we need to show both the labels in the payroll and in the payslip.

  • Scenario 2: For monthly-rated employees, their basic salary depends on the number of days they worked. So we will put the label as something like this: Wages ($1900×20/20) which essentially means that we are not populating the basic salary from the profile.
  • Rate: The rate at which the item is paid. It can be hourly rate, daily rate, daily allowance rate etc. Should be a numeric field.
  • Period: The period of the item. It can be day, hour, month, or no value
  • Quantity: The number of items to be calculated. It can be days, hours etc
  • Total: It is equivalent to Rate X Quantity.
Step 4

After import, all labels should appear like this in their appropriate places in Carbonate

Step 5

As soon as we import the file with the details like wages and overtime, the system will calculate CPF and SHG for that particular employee.

And then the admin will do the payroll for the imported employees.

In the template file if the title is changed to Weekday to Wages – Weekday then we will show the updated title in the payslip.

The system should also show the net pay.

Payslip for the imported employees will look like this image given

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