Create a New Document Template

The document template is a pre-designed document such as birthday greetings, company employment anniversary, etc.  It allows you to update on that, and it saves money and time. By using modification and integration with Carbonate, it speeds up the work and is accurate and error-free.

When creating a document template, you can insert some information like the company logo, employment status, and more.

Refer to the following guides below:

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Document section. 

Click the Template tab.

You will see the available template created. 

Step 2

Click the +Create button and select the Template.

Step 3

Prepare the template.

Add the Title.  You may use the formatting buttons.

Use the “Insert user info” so that the information will be automatically inserted. 

Step 4

Auto Trigger for employee events

Set the document template to automatically send it to the employee when there are events like employee birthday or employment anniversary.

Once done, you may now click the Save button.

Step 5

Once the template is saved, you can view it on the document page.

Select the template you want to generate. Click the three dots respectively. 

You will have three options:

A. Generate Template

B. Edit the Template

C. Delete Template


Step 6

A. Generate Template

To bring out the template, click the Generate button.

Select staff by choosing the employee from the drop-down button.

Click Generate.

Now, a document in PDF format will be downloaded.

Step 7

B. Edit the Template

When you click the Edit button, you will go back to Step 3.

Make the necessary changes or revisions.

Step 8

C. Delete Template

When you want to delete the template, click Yes.  Otherwise, click No.

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