Create Staff Accounts in Bulk

On Carbonate HR, you have the option to import users in bulk by the use of the excel sheet template provided and creating multiple user accounts in a click of a button!

Please check if you have  Logged in before setting up the user profile in bulk.

Step 1:

Click on the Staff list on the left-side menu

Step 2:

Click Select Import Option and then click on Import Users.

Step 3:

Download the template file by clicking on the Download button

Step 4:

Open the downloaded CSV file, remove the sample data on it, update the file with you staff details and save the file in .csv (comma delimited) format.

Step 5:

On Carbonate staff list module, click on the Import Option and then click on Import Users.

Step 6:

Click on Attach CSV, select the saved file from your computer and click open.
The system will start the import and create staff account automatically.

Staff profile creation

You can watch the video here:

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