Add Pass Expiry Date in Analytics

Generate a report in Analytics that shows the Pass expiry date and other variables.  Here, you can select different variables to show in the report as well as define whether it is according to employee, outlet, or rank. 

When generating this report in Excel format, the employee's staff profiles are updated and pass expiry dates are also populated. 

Refer to the following user guide:


Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Analytics section.

Click on the Report Template.

Step 2

Click Create Template.

Step 3

Create the Report by filling out the boxes.

Report Title* – enter the title

Select Actors – select the employees

Select Variable – scroll down and tick the box beside the Pass expiry date.  Once you add any variable, it will be added to the report.

Click Save Template.

Step 4

The Report is successfully created when it is shown on the report template.

Hover the mouse over the report and the Edit, Generate, and Delete button will show.

You can also select the Generate Report button.

Step 5

On the Export Data page, select the respective report you want to generate.  

Click Export.

Step 6

An Excel file will be downloaded and it will show the report similar to this image below.

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