Taking Course and Assessment

Training and development programs are effective ways to boost productivity at work while enhancing the skill set of the employees.  In Carbonate HR, Admin can set up courses and assessments.  Employees can watch the course videos and take the assessments across different devices and at any time they prefer.

To set up the courses and assessments, please refer to our user guide and Video Courses.

Step 1

The employee will go to “Onboarding” module from the left side menu.

Step 2

Once landed on the onboarding page, the employees will see all the live courses you have set for them. 

Click the course they want to take

Step 2(a)

While set the content for the courses, you can click on drafts and it will save as drafts under Onboarding module. you can continue later to add further from drafts.



Save Draft option is be available in all four tabs –

  1. Set course details
  2. Set content
  3. Set assessment
  4. Review

Save draft allows saving the course so that later the admin can continue creating the course from where he lefts off.

Step 2(b)

You can also check number of pending drafts saved courses from the course option.

Step 3

Play the video.

Step 4

Complete watching the video(s)

Step 5

Click on the unit and then click on the assessment

Step 6

Answer the questions and click on submit.

Step 7

After this they can go back to re-take the unit/assessment or move on to the next unit.

Step 8

Once all the units are completed, they can view the result

Step 9(Creation of duplicate courses)

Go to the all courses in the onboarding module.

Step 10.

Click on duplicate.

Step 11

Fill up the mandatory course details and click on set content.

Step 12.

Add the unit & sub unit for the course content.

Step 12(a)

You can also save the courses as drafts while set the assessment.

Step 13.

Set the assessment for the duplicate course by clicking on add questions

Step 14

You can also select the response type for the assessment.

Step 15

Click on review.

Step 15(a)

While under the review section you can save the courses as drafts before publishing it.

Step 16

Click on publish.


Note: Once published it will be reflecting under the all courses section.

Step 17.

Click on Make live to change the status for the course to Live.

Step 18

 if you are an admin, you are able to see other users results for the assessment.

Step 19

As a staff you can check your  results for the assessments from your(staff) account, others assessments results will not be visible.

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