Registration of Face into Thermal Scan Device

To implement the Face Registration for the employee  into the device please follow the steps below:

Please check if you have created/set up the Thermal scan general settings before registering for Face.

Step 1.
  • Turn on the thermal device and tap on the home button on the screen
Step 2.
  • Go to the menu section.
Step 3.
  • Tap on “user list”
Step 4.
  • You shall see the ID and the user name in the user’s list
  • Tap on the user name.
Step 5
  • Click on Modify Face.
Step 6.
  • Scan the staff’s face.
  • Tap on “register”
Step 7.
  • You will see a new photo added for the staff
Step 8.
  • Once the face is registered into one device, now you are ready to push this staff name into the rest of the devices and the photo will be added to the other devices automatically.

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