How to print Roster in Carbonate

Carbonate HR app offers you a very smart roster. Roster on Carbonate HR app is aligned with the attendance and leave application. Roster, attendance, and leave applications are cross verified in order to keep your HR life easy.

Here are some key-points of the roster:

  • You may allow your staff to create their own roster.
  • Approval system of the roster if created by the staff and Manager.
  • You have an option to let the staff view roster of each other.
  • Managers can create a roster of the reporting staff.
  • You can copy one roster to replicate it to the forthcoming days.
  • You may create multiple rosters for a single day.
  • Simple and elegant view of the roster sheet.


Let's see how to print roster module.

At first, please login  to Carbonate and click on the rostering menu.

Please make sure the roster is created for the user.

Step 1.
  • Click on the Roster module on the left-side menu.
Step 2.
  • Click on the print option.
Step 3.
  • Once done employee can print the roster in Carbonate.

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