Customised shift based roster template

Now you can create your own customised shift template for the rosters on Carbonate HR.

At first Please login to Carbonate with your credentials.

Step 1

In order to do that, you will need to create the template first in the settings > roster settings

Step 2

Scroll down to the “Template Builder” and click Create Template button

Step 3

Select “Customised Template” and define the time slots “From and To” timing. Click on “Add timeslot” to add new

Step 4

If you wish to add segments to each timeslot, update the number with of segments

Step 5

You will be able to see the preview of your template. Once ready, click the save button.

Step 6

Now your custom timeslot based roster template is ready to be used. Click on the roster from the left menu and toggle the button to switch to excel view of the roster

Step 7

Click on “In View” and select the custom template

Step 8

You will see your custom template, simply click on the box you want to set the roster for, start typing in the names of the employee

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