How to import break hours in roster

If a user does not have fixed break shift, but have different break shifts for different dates, you cannot add the break shift detail in profile. To solve this, Carbonate allows you to import the break shifts for different date and show on roster page.

You can import break hours with the same file you use for roster import.

Please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Go to Roster Module

Navigate to Rostering from the left side menu.

Step 2
  • Click on import/export options.
  • There will be a dropdown menu where you can choose “Import Rosters “.
Step 3

Click on the “Download” link from a “Import Data” dialog page.

Step 4
  • After Click on Download, Sample file will be downloaded.
  • Add records as per the given sample or edit by overwriting it.
Step 5

If you are importing break shift, enter “Yes” in Break Shift column. If break shift column has “Yes” value than system will consider it as break shift else it will be considered as roster.

Step 6

Click on Attach CSV button.

  • Upload the modified file here.

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