How to apply for backdated leaves that exceeds 7 days

On Carbonate, you can apply for backdated leaves that exceeds 7 days.

Follow the below steps to implement the same in Carbonate:

Step 1.
  • First, login to carbonate with your credentials.


  • Click on Leave.
Step 2.
  • The admins/managers can apply for leave on behalf of the staff or the staff can apply for leave by themselves.


  • Click on apply leave on behalf.
Step 3.
  • Select the particular staff and fill in the required details to apply for the leave.
Step 4.
  • Click edit details on the newly applied leave.
Step 5.
  • You can change the actual date of leave by changing the dates.


  • Click on EDIT.
Step 6.
  • The edited leave will now be shown as the date you have set.

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