How to add additional details and custom text in payslip?

Carbonate lets you customized the payslip information.  You can add additional details like bank details, payslip approver, employee signature, taxable gross pay, bank code, and custom text like employee safety measures policies.  

Kindly follow the steps below to implement these in Carbonate.

Before adding these in payslips, kindly make sure you have added the following details in Carbonate.

  • Users are added to Carbonate.
  • In the staff profile, please tick the following: CPF contribution,  basic salary, date of birth, nationality, race, and other details
Step 1

Go to the Settings.

Step 2

Click on the Payroll section.

Step 3

Enable the payslip additional info by clicking the Yes option. 

Select the components that you want to appear in payslip by ticking off the respective box.

Step 4

Enable the custom text in payslip by clicking the Yes option.  Add the text that you want to appear in the employee payslip.

Step 5

Click on Save.

Step 6

Once the payslip is generated, you can check the details that appear in the payslip.


Note: Once the payslip is generated,


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