How to add filter for Giro report status?

To be able to view employees GIRO status
There will be 2 status:
1. 'Generated' and
2. 'Pending'

The following would be the filter options:

  • entity
  • outlet
  • ranks
  • departments
  • individual
Step 1.

Go to the payroll.

Step 2.

Click on the giro option under bulk payroll option.

Step 3

You can filter the giro status based on  the rank/outlet/email/department/entity.

Step 4.

Click on the generate giro.


Step 5

Fill up the required details and click on generate.

Text file will be generated as per the selected filter option.

Step 6

Click on make payment based on the pending status.

Step 7

Once the Giro file is generated, it will show generated for the user.

Step 8

You can delete or redownload the giro file from the payment history section.

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