Generate Appendix 8A and 8B for IR8A Submission

In Singapore,  all employers are required to submit the IR8A form to IRAS each year. Each employee must have an IR8A form of that company to inform IRAS of the employees' income/earnings.  While this can be a daunting task, the Carbonate HR makes it seamless for you with Appendix 8A and 8B because it can be automatically generated. 

Before you can generate these Appendixes, the payroll must be processed first.  Refer to the following user guides that will be helpful for you in processing payrolls. 

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Payroll section.

At the top right corner of the page, click the Bulk Payslip and select IRAS.

Step 2

Go to the IR8A tab.

Select the employee by checking the box.  Use the select all to mark all the boxes. 

Step 3

Click the Generate IR8A.

Step 4

On the IR8A Form Generator, select the Start Date and End Date. 

Include allowances given as Post CPF to employees. You may tick the box if you prefer this set-up.

Click Generate.

Step 5

On the pop-up window for Form IR8A Appendix 8A and 8B, click Yes.

The details we have in our system will be automatically populated in the forms.

Step 6

A zip file containing the Appendix will be downloaded.  The files are in .doc form and are editable.

  • Details of Gains or Profits from Employee Stock Option (ESOP)/Other Forms of Employee Share Ownership (ESOW) Plans For The Year Ended
  • Return of Employee’s Remuneration for the Year Ended
  • Value of Benefits-in-Kind for the Year Ended

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