Disable the Leave Proration for the Upcoming Year

When the company prefer to stop the leave proration after the leave type is renewed, then you can easily disable the feature from the Leave settings.

Only Admin and Managers with Leave Privileges may perform this.

Before doing so, make sure that the leave type is created.  Refer to the user guide below for the step-by-step procedure:

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to Settings. Click on the Leave/holiday tab.

Step 2

Click the Edit button on the leave type.

Step 3

Scroll down to Leave Proration. 

On the “Leave allocation to be prorated based on months worked by the employee in a year?“, click Yes.

Now, you can view some options.

A. Do you want to set proration for limited employment years? Click the No button to disable the leave proration for the upcoming years.

B. Allow employees to use leaves not earned at the time of applying? Click the No button as well. Otherwise, if you enable this option, you will need to set the limit on days for leaves that are not earned.

C. Non-Standard proration? Once you click the YES button, you can set the increment condition. 

Step 4

Scroll down and click Save.

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