Increase the Annual Leave Days of Employees

The Annual leave is typically stated in the employment contract.  This is a privilege granted to employees to have a certain number of days for time off away from work.  Annual leave is basically a paid leave so it will not be deducted on the Payroll - only to the leave balance. 

The number of days granted for annual leave will vary from country to country.  So, it is crucial to verify the number of annual leave days from the governing labour laws of the country.  However, if the company may wish to increase the number of annual leave days, then Carbonate HR may easily follow this company policy.

Before doing so, the annual leave must be entered in the Carbonate HR.

The annual leave days increment will automatically increase the leave days when an employee increases the year of service.

Step 1:

On the dashboard, go to the Settings section and click the Leave/Holiday tab.

Step 2

On the leave settings, go to the Leave type and click the Edit button of the Annual Leave.

Step 3

Look for Annual leave increment and toggle the Yes button to enable the option.

Step 4

Enter the number of days for yearly increments for the particular employee.

Step 5

You can also set leave increment days based on employee ranks by clicking +Add new to select the rank.

Step 6

To enable the leave increment based on employment year completion, you can also assign leave increment based on rank as well.

Step 7

Click Save.

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