Create Work Shifts for the Company

When the company operates 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, employees usually work various shifts.  This is commonly called a graveyard shift, mid-shift, day shift, and so on. 

In Carbonate, you can create work shifts.  These work shifts can be selected and affect the employee profile including their attendance, payroll, etc.  Here, you can specify the rates if there are special rates to be implemented.

When creating work shifts, the company working days must be entered into the Carbonate system.

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Settings section and click the Company tab.

Step 2

Scroll down to Working shifts.

Click +Add another shift and enter the important details (shift name and time). 


Step 3

If the particular shift (e.g night shift) has special rates, then you can set it up by clicking the “Apply Special rate”.


Step 4

Specify the group of employees or ranks to whom the work shift applies by selecting the ranks from the drop-down menu for “Apply for”.

Step 5

Click Save.

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