Create Template for Employee Birthday and Employment Anniversary

Sending out greetings to employees during their birthdays and employment anniversary can cheer up and delight the recipient.  In some studies, these greetings may promote loyalty as well as motivate the employees to perform at their best.

In Carbonate, you can create templates that will be sent out during employee birthdays and employment anniversaries.

Before doing so, the Staff profile must be updated.  Refer to the guide:

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Document section.

Click the Template tab.


Step 2

If there is no template yet, you may need to create a new document template.

Click the +Create and select the Template.


Step 3

Create your greetings.

Go to the Auto-trigger events and enable the feature by ticking the box beside it.

You have two options:

  1. Employee Birthday
  2. Employment Anniversary

Select your preferred option.

Step 4

Click Save.

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