Insert More User Information in a Document Template

In Carbonate, you can create a template for the company's document.  Now, you can insert more information such as:

  • Date: the date when the contract is created
  • Address Of Employee: the complete address of new hire (house number, address, postal code)
  • NRIC Card Number: NRIC number or local ID
  • Add the salary currency and the salary code
  • Add ID Type/Number field on the Carbonate profile for overseas employees (local/Gov’t IDs)
  • Show page no. by default on the template

To insert the user information, a document template must be created.

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Document section.

Select the template and click the three dots as shown in the image.  Click Edit template.


Step 2

You can also create a new template.

Click on the +Create located at the top right corner of the page.

Select Template.

Step 3

Click on the Insert User info and select the information to add to the existing or new template.

Click Save.

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