Apply for Backdated Leaves that Exceeds 7 Days

In Carbonate, the Staff may apply for backdated leaves that exceed 7 days. However, it shall undergo the approval of the Reporting Manager as there will be revisions needed that only Managers are allowed to make.

In Carbonate HR, you can set the number of days that employees may apply for leaves taken in the past.  Below is the user guide for your reference.

Only the Admin and Managers with Leave privileges may perform this.

Step 1.

On the dashboard, go to the Leave section.

Step 2.

The admins/managers can apply for leave on behalf of the staff or the staff can apply for leave by themselves.

Click on apply leave on behalf.

Step 3.

Select the particular staff and fill in the required details to apply for the leave.

Step 4.

Click edit details on the newly applied leave.

Step 5.

You can change the actual date of leave by changing the dates.

Click on EDIT.

Step 6.

The edited leave will now be shown as the date you have set.

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