Allow Employees to Take Unpaid Leave Only After the Assigned Leaves are Exhausted

If the company would like to set a condition for unpaid leave such as allowing the employees to take unpaid leave ONLY after the assigned leaves are exhausted, you can easily enable it in the Carbonate HR.  The employees need to use up all the leave privileges before taking unpaid leave.  

Before doing so, the leave type must be added and updated.  Also, the associate ranks must be entered in the Carbonate HR system.

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Settings section and click the Leave/Holiday tab.

Step 2

Scroll down to the Condition-based Unpaid Leave.  The default is toggled to No.

For the “Allow employees to take Unpaid leave only after assigned leaves are exhausted”, toggle to the Yes button.

Select Leave Type by inputting it in the field box.




Step 3

Name the Rank also by clicking on the associate rank.  Input the rank on the field box.

Step 4

Click the Save button.

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