8 Things HR Should Do to Help Employees Succeed

Murtuza Topiwalla
May 15

The responsibilities of the HR department in a company go beyond hiring, interviewing and managing employees. The HR department in a company can help ensure all matters of the employees are handled in the best way, and they are facilitated well as the success of employees is the success of the company.

One of the major responsibilities of the HR personnel is to make sure the right person is hired for the company who can fit right in. The support of HR towards such employees can help them grow, which can result in the development of the company.

  1. Accommodating Work Schedule
  2. Definitive Policies
  3. Encouraging Creativity
  4. Facilitating In Case of Medical Problems
  5. Helping in Legal Matters
  6. Helping with Promotions
  7. Open Communication
  8. Planning One’s Career

Accommodating Work Schedule

Some companies have a strict work schedule that does not leave much room for flexibility of any kind. However, it has been observed that the productivity and motivation of an employee are significantly increased if he/she is offered a flexible work schedule.

Employees who prefer working remotely should be facilitated and accommodated by HR as it can help them work efficiently, which will be beneficial for the company. The HR should work on introducing a flexible work culture as well as implementing proper protocols and policies in case an employee requests a flexible work schedule.

HR should also make sure the right technologies are used to monitor the employee’s productivity and performance if remote working is granted. Well-defined procedures and policies can help minimize the challenges a company can face if employees are working remotely or according to a flexible schedule.

Definitive Policies

One of the first things every HR department should focus on is to set definitive policies for all employees in a company. A set of basic policies can be seen as a positive way to handle numerous situations and cater to the needs of the employees accordingly. Any new or old policies should be properly communicated and explained to all employees to avoid any misinterpretation or miscommunication.

The best way HR can define and implement policies is to introduce them and practice the policies themselves to set an example for all employees. While some people view policies as overwhelming and limiting, definitive policies can prevent misunderstandings and miscommunication between HR and employees.

Encouraging Creativity

Encouraging and supporting creativity is one of the best ways to boost the employees’ confidence and dedication towards the company. Setting achievable goals and enabling the employees to be innovative at work can help boost their productivity and motivate them.

HR can facilitate the employees and allow them to explore creative ways that can help them achieve goals efficiently while growing professionally. The growth of an employee can result in the growth of the company, which can be done by the support of HR.  

Facilitating In Case of Medical Problems

Communicating and interacting with the employees on a somewhat personal level can help HR in facilitating the growth of an employee. If the work productivity of an employee is compromised, HR should take the time to inquire about the reasons that can be affecting the efficiency of an employee.

In case of a medical problem related to the employee or a loved one, HR should lead by guiding the employee. HR should make an effort to offer essential assistance and guidance to an employee in such a situation to make sure the problem is solved in time without putting the career of the employee in danger.

Employees who have no prior experience and join a company for the first time might need some help in understanding and navigating employment laws. In such a case, HR should be aware of the employment laws and take the time out to explain them to the employees.

Employees should make sure they consult with HR in case of a legal issue to ensure a proper and timely solution is sorted out. If the HR and employees have some information of the essential laws, it can help them solve any problems in a quick and stress-free way.

Helping with Promotions

Encouraging internal promotions is yet another important way HR can help employees in succeeding. HR can keep the employees up-to-date with any vacancies and ensure that the best-qualified employees are given the opportunity. Employees should be guided by HR and should be evaluated properly to make sure the promotions are fair. This can motivate the employees and help HR in finding talent within the company, instead of looking outside to hire people for a new post.

Employees who are fairly promoted by the company are likely to succeed, which can also benefit the company.

Open Communication

The communication barrier is often one of the biggest problems in a workplace environment. An open line of communication is essential and beneficial in every company as it can help avoid unnecessary problems and misunderstandings.

HR should make sure they clearly communicate all rules, regulations, policies, and announcements to the employees. They should also take the time to properly explain any technicalities in an announcement or new development and address any queries, concerns, or confusions the employees might have.

Planning One’s Career

The success and growth of a company lie in the success and growth of hardworking and dedicated employees. Therefore, helping the employees in planning their careers and helping them achieve their ultimate goals is one of the ways HR can help employees succeed. If an employee wants a promotion, HR should work with them to help them identify their weakness and strong points.

HR should facilitate the employees in mapping out their career paths, which is beneficial for both the growth of the employee and the company.


The HR department contributes more to the growth of an employee and a company than one might think. Apart from hiring the right person for the company, it is also the responsibility of HR to help the employee and encourage them to grow professionally.

The above-mentioned are some of the best ways HR can help employees in succeeding and progressing.

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