5 Surprising Ways a Leave Management System Can Boost Employee Productivity

Murtuza Topiwalla
Sep 15

Not all employees are availing their leave privileges, and it can hurt the organisation. Nevertheless, maintaining a leave management system gets you on track with employee leave privileges in real-time updates.

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Why do employees don’t take their leave days?

Why is it essential to take leaves?

How may a leave management system boost employee productivity?

Carbonate HR is the answer to your leave management concerns.

A leave management system is the online and automated version of monitoring and managing employees’ leaves in an all-in-one platform to ensure smooth business operation even with someone’s absence.  

Why do employees don’t take their leave days?

In a 2014 study, approximately 40% of workers do not recognise the importance of leave days.  In the past 40 years, workers who availed their leaves are extremely low, making a higher loss in forfeited benefits.

Though it may seem favourable from the employer’s perspective, it even hurt the organisation. When employees do not take time off away from work, they are more at risk from burnout, chronic sleep deprivation, sickness, depression, and lower job efficiency and performance.

Here are the top 6 reasons why employees don’t take their leave days:

Reasons why employees don't take their leaves Infographic

  1. Fear of Returning to a Mountain of Work

    When you know that no one gets to take care of the tasks when you are away, you can expect a mountain of work upon your return. To avoid this, you would naturally forgo taking vacation days

  2. Fear of Being Seen as Replaceable

    With lingering job security, especially in a pandemic time, a worker may seem sceptical to take a vacation when there is a fear of being replaceable. As much as possible, it is crucial to stay competitive at work so that you would rather let go of the leave privileges.

  3. Wanting to Show Job Dedication

    In a company that promotes job dedication, workers may seem to have a deeper desire to show job dedication by not taking vacations.  

  4. Company Culture Discourages Vacation

    Workers may shy upon applying for a leave in a company that discourages vacations, especially when management frowns upon the idea. 

  5. Inability to Disconnect

    Workers may be pressured to do the same when management expects to respond to communications and emails, even during vacation days.

  6. Stockpiling

    The willingness of the worker to avail their vacation time depends on the company policy.  If they had a reason to roll over the vacation days for the next year, they would only decide to forego availing of the leave.

Why is it essential to take leaves? 

Work and life balance have a direct impact on the job performance of the employee. When an employee does not take enough leave, he will be at risk from stress and burnout, eventually leading to poor job performance. An overworked employee is never a productive one.

How may a leave management system boost employee productivity?

When an employee avails of the leave privileges, the company may benefit from enhanced employee productivity. Here are the reasons why companies need a leave management system in Singapore.

How may a Leave Management system boost employee productivity Infographic

  1. Increase employee satisfaction and engagement

    The leave management system streamlines the processing of leaves. Employees need not file the leave using paper because they can submit it online anytime and anywhere. Then, approvers can also take action on the application by rejecting or approving thereof. With this easy method, employees can increase satisfaction and boost engagement.

    Read more on how you can process leave applications and management.

  2. Better employee confidence and wellbeing

    When the company offers fair and proper leaves, employees will have more confidence in being organised and fair. This will foster trust from the employees, leading to happier employees who would stay more motivated and productive.

  3. Proper leave planning

    Employee leave management system enables both employees and management to monitor their accurate leave balances in real-time. This could help employees properly plan their vacations and holidays. As a result, management can have an advantage over planning the shifts to have a sufficient workforce. Other employees will make no extra hours to cover areas caused by inappropriate leave.

  4. Meeting project delivery deadlines

    Employee leave management system helps management adjust their commitment to delivery dates considering the sufficiency of staffing resources. Similarly, when approving deadlines, management will need to be prudent. With these, the company will be able to meet delivery deadlines.

  5. Employee satisfaction factor

    Denying leaves can cause emotional stress to employees. They also have personal needs that would require them to take their time off away from work. When leave requests are managed timely, employee emotional satisfaction is heightened, making them value the company, which ultimately results in better productivity.

  6. Financial implications

    When leave policy says that accrued leaves are needed to be reimbursed, then any accrued leaves will be a financial liability of the company. While it can affect the company’s financial obligations, HR must have a better overview of the remaining leave balances of employees.  While taking leaves can boost productivity among employees, it can also avoid financial implications.

Carbonate HR is the answer to your leave management concerns

When it comes to the leave management system in Singapore, Carbonate HR is the best partner to go with.  

Carbonate leave management system has the following benefits:

  1. Provides accurate details and real-time data on employee’s leave balances.  
  2. Leave application can be processed online - no more paper-based applications
  3. Taking action on leave requests is easier and faster because it is backed up by data
  4. Ensure that leave policy is following  labour laws and regulations 
  5. Leave status can be viewed in an easy-to-navigate dashboard
  6. Improves communication between employees and management

A leave management system is a must for every organisation to ensure proper monitoring of leaves. When an employee's leave is handled correctly, the organisation will continue to function smoothly. 

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