View the Employees who Acknowledged the Assigned Assets

Track and monitor who among the employees assigned with company Assets have already acknowledged the receipt of the Asset.  This feature of Carbonate helps you manage seamlessly the Asset items and ensure that assignees have received the Asset.

Only the Admin and Managers with Asset privileges may be able to assign the asset item and view who acknowledged it.  

To view the assigned Assets, the item must be entered into the Carbonate system. 

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Assets section.

Step 2

Select the item and click on the three dots.  Click Acknowledgements. 


Step 3

On the acknowledgment page, you can now view the employees who acknowledged the company Asset they received. 

Notice the phrase “3/4 acknowledged”.  It shows the number of employees who acknowledged the Item over the number of people assigned the respective Item.  In this case, out of 4 assignees, there are already three employees who acknowledged the Asset.

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