Split the SHG Contribution in Payroll Report

In Singapore, all employees are required to chip off some portion of their salary as their Central Provident-Fund (CPF).  Part of the deducted funds that goes to CPF goes into an individual account referred to as Self-Help Group (S.H.G) funds. Some of the various funding accounts include the CDAC, SINDA, ECF, or MBMF funds.

For better transparency in employees earnings, the company may have the option to split the SHG contribution in these funding accounts in the Payroll history report. 

Take note of these requirements before exporting the Payroll with SHG contributions. Kindly refer to the respective user guide.

1.Employees profile are updated. 

2. Payslips are generated.

Only Admin and Managers with Payroll Privileges may perform this.

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Payroll section.

Click the Select file generate option located at the top right corner of the page.

Select the Export Payslip history on the dropdown list.

Step 2

On the Export Payslip History, fill out the required fields and click Export.

Step 3

The Payroll report will be downloaded in Excel format as shown in the image below.

The Donation funds shows the various funding account.

  • MBMF
  • ECF
  • CDAC

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