Show the Total Number of Worked Hours and Days in the Payroll

In Carbonate HR, we ensure that the payroll would contain key and substantial details equally needed both by the employer and employees. One of the details necessary in payroll is the total number of hours and days that an employee had rendered work. The total number of hours and days worked is the basis of how the salary is calculated.

Before doing so, kindly update the salary details of the employee. Below are the user guides for your reference. 

Only the Admin and the Manager with Payroll privilege may be able to view the total number of hours and days in the payroll.

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Payroll section.

Step 2

Select the employees of whom we want to generate the payroll and click on the Edit pay items button.

Step 3

If a pop-up page appears, click the Yes button to generate another new payslip.

When this page appears, you have already generated the payslip. However, you can still generate a new one. 

You may tick the box if you want to merge the payslip that you will generate today with the past pay run.

Step 4

Go to the fixed allowance/deductions tab. When we hover the mouse onto the value for Basic salary, we should be able to see how many total hours, days an employee has worked.

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