Set the Percentage of Balance with Limit to the Maximum Carry Forwarded Leave

In Carbonate HR, you can add a limit to the percentage of the balance of carrying forward leave and even set the expiry months. 

Before doing so, kindly make sure that the leave type is added to the Carbonate HR system. Below is the user guide for your reference.

Only the Admin and Managers with Leave privileges are allowed to make these settings. 



Step 1

On the dashboard, go to Settings. Click the Leave/Holiday tab.

Step 2

Go to the particular Leave type and click on Edit.

Step 3

Scroll down to the Carry forward and toggle the Yes button to enable it. 

Step 5

On the Fixed or percentage option, click the Percentage of balance with limit from the drop-down list.

Input the percentage in Qty and the Limit.  Set the expiry for the carry forward if you wish to.

Step 5

Scroll down and click Save.

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