Export the Year-To-Date Leave Balance

Year to Date leave balance is useful for analyzing trends in employee behaviour over time which may be helpful in formulating leave policies, compensation, recognition, and other decision-making activities.

Leave types must be added and leave balance is available.  Refer to the following user guides which may be helpful to you.

Step 1.

On the dashboard, go to the Leave section.

Step 2

Click on the Select Export Option at the top right of the page.

Step 3

Click on the YTD leave balance.

Step 4

Fill in the required details and click on Download.

Step 5

Once the data exported, you will be able to check the YTD leave balance for the users.

Note:  Please ensure to allow Pop-ups and Downloads in the browser settings.

Step 6

You can also select the particular entity and download the YTD leave balance for the particular entity.

Step 7

You can also choose the leave type for selected entity and export the YTD leave balance.

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