Manager approval of compensation

  • On carbonate, we have an option where manager approval for overtime compensation can be considered as final approval for staff.
  • Overtime compensation sometimes needs to be verified by the admin/manager before processing the payroll, so we need manager approval as well.
  • On disabling this from the settings, Admin's approval will be treated as final approval of the compensation. It will be indicated to the admin which compensation has been approved and not by the Managers.
  • This can be easily implemented in Carbonate with the following steps mentioned below:
Step 1.
Step 2.
  • Please click on attendance menu.
Step 3.
  • Please go to manager approval for compensation and enable/disable the same as per your company policy.
Step 4.
  • Please click on save.


Note: Once the compensation is approved it will reflect in the payroll 

Manager compensation of approval

You can watch the video here:

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