Edit the Leave Types

You can easily edit or modify the leave types preferences you offer to the employees in Carbonate.  Should there be changes such as increasing the number of days or requiring a document attachment, you can edit the existing leave types. 

First, the Leave type must be entered in the Carbonate HR.  Below is the user guide for your reference.

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Settings section and click the Leave/Holiday tab.

Step 2

Go to Leave type where you can set your leave types preferences.

Step 3

Click Edit.

Step 4

Now, you can modify the information from the field.

Step 5

You can also enable the proration from the leave settings.

Note: If the proration leave is enabled, leave entitlement will be prorated based on the leave cycle and accordingly, leave allotment will be shown to the user. 

Step 6

Click Save. 

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