How to Update the User Role?

Set the role of each user to either staff, manager, or admin. Each has a different level of privileges, access, and rights that will help them fully utilise the Carbonate app. 

1. Admin

This account has control over all the modules, e.g. creating new outlets, leaves, staff profiles etc. Admin is also able to amend existing settings and staff profiles. Admin gets an overview of everything and can access any profile and approve/reject any request like leave application and check-in/check-out from any employee in the company. From an admin account, we can export/import all the available data in .csv file format.

2. Managers

This account can have rights and privileges given by the admin.  It can approve/reject requests like leave applications and check-in/check-out of the employees but cannot access any profile to amend. Managers can also create rosters for the staff reporting to them and they have read-only access to all other areas.

3. Staff 

This account can check-in/check-out from a specified work location or outlet, apply for leaves, view leave balances, and view the personal account information. The Staff account can also see other colleagues' names and contact details working in the same outlet. Staff account does not have any right to amend/update/change any data or information even in their own profiles.

Depending on an employee's rank, position, or job description, an Admin can quickly update the user role. 

Make sure the profile is created. 

Step 1.

Head to

Log into your Admin account using the email address and password.


Step 2

Go to the Staff list section.

Step 3

Select the respective Staff profile by clicking on the Name.

Step 4

In the General tab, click on the respective user role. 

When the Change User Role box appears, click Update Role.


Step 5

To save the updating of user role, scroll down the box and click on the Save button.

The Delete button lets you remove the account of the employee.

See How to delete an account?


Step 6

You can also click the Close button (X) on the top right corner.  A prompt will appear, then select the response.

Click the Save button.

If you do not want to save & update the profile information, click on Discard.

If there are more changes to do, click Cancel.

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