How to set Attendance incentive?

If you wish to set attendance under some specific conditions, you can set the same in payroll sections.

Attendance Incentives will be removed from the following month in the below cases -

  • If late for official time once.
  • If late for early check-in time more than 3 times.
  • If any leave is taken other than compassionate leave by Teacher Staff.
  • If the Leave Application notice period is less than 4 weeks for Annual, Childcare, Maternal, Paternal leave by Support Staff.
  • If any Urgent, Medical, Hospital, Unpaid, Reservist leave is taken by Support Staff.
Step 1

Go to the payroll section.

Step 2

Click on incentive under bulk payroll.


Note: Go to the following link(

Step 3

Filter the month for the incentive  due for the payment in the next month or already paid earlier.

Step 4

You can filter the incentive records by entity and outlet by clicking on filter.

Step 5

You can also set the incentive rate by clicking on rate on the right side of the page.

Step 6

Set the incentive rate as per your policy and click on save.

Note : You can set conditions for the incentive rate to be applicable for the employees and the employees that exceed the limit as set here, will not be eligible for the incentive.

Step 7

Select the users and click on sync with payroll

Step 8

Click on sync with payroll.


Note :  Once it is done incentive data will reflect in payroll and you can generate the payroll accordingly.

  • We can generate and submit the cpf.
  • We can generate the bank giro file.
  • We can also submit the IR8A file.

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