How To Prorate Bulk Payroll

On Carbonate, you can Prorate Bulk Payroll

Before prorating the payroll kindly make sure basic salary and other details added into the staff profile.

Follow the below steps to implement the same in Carbonate:

Step 1

Go to Payroll on the left-side menu.

Step 2

Enable Apply Advance Options.

Step 3

Enable Prorate Payslip.

Step 4

Select the date for the start date.

Step 5

Select the date for the end date.

Step 6

Select the users by clicking the arrowhead.

Step 7

On the upper right-hand corner click on the Edit Pay Items button.

Step 8

Click on the Review Payslips tab.

Step 9

After reviewing the payslip, click on Generate Payslips.

Step 10

Click on View and you will be redirected to the view-payslip page.

Pro rate bulk payroll

You can watch the video here:

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