Generate the IR21 Form

In Singapore, when a foreign worker ceases employment, a tax clearance is required.  This is filed using Form IR21 (similar to IR8A) for foreign worker's tax declaration for resignation. The company has the responsibility for filing Form IR21 and withhold the money due to the foreign worker.  

If you wish to generate the IR21 form under Carbonate, you can simply follow the steps below.

But first, kindly check if you have generated the payslip.


Step 1.

Go to the Payroll section.

Step 2.

Click on drop-down menu shown on image below and choose IRAS.

Step 3

Click on IR21 Tab.

Step 4

Select the user and click on Generate IR21 form.

Step 5

If you wish to include POST CPF allowances, select the checkbox or else simply click on Generate.

Step 6

Once generated, you will be able to check the Form IR21 for the resigned employee and declare the tax for the foreign employee.

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