Create a New Task in the Workspace

A task list is important in organizing the tasks needed to be performed at a certain amount of time.  The team members can create their own tasks, but the Reporting Manager can also create and assign a set of tasks to the members.  With Carbonate, the Tasks feature helps facilitate the collaboration between the team.

If you wish to use the task in the Workspace, make sure that you are allowed to create tasks in the Workspace section. 

For Admin and Managers, learn how to allow roles or employees to create tasks in the Workspace.


Step 1

On the Dashboard, go to the Workspace section.

Click the +Task.

Step 2

On the Task window, fill out all the required details. 

A. Title

Create a unique title for the task.


Step 3

B. Assignment type

Select the preferred option on how you want to assign the tasks. 

  • Assign tasks for each employee

This option lets you assign a task that is specific for each employee. 

  • Broadcast task

This option enables you to broadcast a specific task to all employees or groups of employees based on rank, outlet, department, or entity.

Set a limit to how many tasks can be taken. Tick the box to input a number as a limit for the employees when taking the broadcasted tasks.

Require admin’s approval for tasks. When you tick the box, it will enable you to create the task and submit it for Admin approval before being broadcasted.

  • Auto-shuffle based on availability

This option lets you assign the task to the employee once they are available to take a new task.

Step 4

C. Date

Specify the start and last date for the task availability.

D.  Duration

Define the specific time for the task availability.

E. Tags

Organize the tasks through channels by using tags (e.g. #team-marketing, #team-sales, #team-cs, #proj-blog-redesign, #proj-referral-program)

Step 3

Click on Save.

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