CPF Flexi Benefits

 There is a new policy implemented called Flexi benefit, it is a health-related benefit. The medical and dental benefit is considered part of this Flexi benefit that is not CPF deductible.

All other claims for this Flexi benefit are CPF deductible.

In this company, the staff of different positions will have different amounts of Flexi benefit, higher ranking staff will have more.


  • manage different Flexi benefit claim limit for different ranks
  • keep track of every individual limit for their medical, dental, supplements that they claim
  • differentiate these claim such that medical, dental won't be CPF deducted but all other Flexi benefit claim is CPF deductible
  • This is different from allowances where a sum of money is given and it is up to the staff how they spend it.
Step 1.

Go to the settings.

Step 2.

Go to claims.

Step 3.

Go to the varieties of claims allowed and click on show.

Step 4.

If we disable the CPF deductible option for different type of claims then CPF will not be deducted for the associated claims.

Step 5

We can also add different ranks for that selected ranks CPF is non deductible.

Step 6

Click on Save.

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