How to export claims

If you wish to export your company claims  on Carbonate, you could do these following steps:

Also before exporting claims please make users submitted the claims in Carbonate.

Step 1

Choose Payroll on the left side menu

Step 2

Click on drop down menu shown on below image and choose Claims.

Step 3

Choose Export claims on the drop down menu shown below:

Step 4

Select all the information you wish to export on the pop up page.

If you wish to filter by claims status with claims type that also can be done by selecting the date range.

We can filter the claim based on the submission date or based on the expense date and download the required data.

Also, we can filter the claims based on user/based on the outlet as well.

Step 5

Click the Download button.

Once it is done we will able to get the exported data in the standard format.

Export claims

You can watch the video here:

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