Claim with Employee Co-fund

On Carbonate HR, you can set the medical claim with the co-fund.

Let us walk through step by step the setup of medical claims with co-fund.

Please check if you have logged in to Carbonate before making any changes.

Step 1

To begin with, go to settings > claim settings

Step 2

Scroll down to “Varieties of claims allowed” and click on the “Show” next to the medical claim type and toggle the apply limit if you wish to apply daily, monthly or yearly limits. You may choose to set any of the limits alone or a combination of all.

Step 3

You may also set sub categories for the claim type. Click on “Add sub Category” button

Step 4

Fill in the limits of the sub categories.

Step 5

If your organisation has co-fund option, you may enable that option for the employees. Once enabled, enter the co-fund amount. Let’s say the claim amount is set to $50 daily and the co-fund is $5. In this case the employee will get a reimbursement of $45 from the company and the $5 will be taken as co-fund.

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