Acknowledgement of the Employee for the Assigned Asset

When you assign the item to the employees, Carbonate updates the system and add the asset to the employee profile.  Then, the employee to whom the item is loaned must acknowledge it from his/her profile.  The Carbonate will update the system and show the employees who had acknowledged the Asset.

Ensure that the Asset item is added to the system. Refer to the following user guides:

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Attendance or Staff List section.  The key is to get to the profile of the User.

Choose the respective employee by clicking on the name.

Step 2

Go to the Assets tab.

You will be able to see which among the assets are pending acknowledgement.

To acknowledge the Assets, click on the Acknowledge button.

Step 3

The acknowledgment asset window will appear.

Click the acknowledge button.

Step 4

Now, the respective asset has been marked as acknowledged.

Simultaneously, the Asset section will also show the employee who acknowledged the assigned asset.

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